Internet Equality and Theater

27-4-2016. Seoul, South Korea.
April has almost ended so it's time for an update about the original charity travelers. We are living in Korea at the moment, both writing. Yeon is publishing her second book about traveling with young children. Kamiel also writes and his stuff is open source on

Tawi Initiative Western Kenya

I can personally vouch for this local sustainability initiative near Lake Victoria, in Western Kenya. Its founder, Dennis is a dear friend of mine. Such initiatives show that a lasting transformation to sustainable practices happens best when there is no interference by large foreign aid agencies, but is nurtured by and under the full responsibility of the stakeholders.

In solidarity against the horror

Nov 18. Utrecht/Lisbon, Netherlands/Portugal.
Charity Travel feels with the family and friends of all victims of the horrible attacks in Beirut and Paris and everywhere. We stand for global solidarity and are not afraid of Islamic fundamentalism, or in fact any other kind of fundamentalism. The outpour of solidarity in the wake of the Paris attacks stems us cautiously hopeful. We, all humans not poisoned by toxic ideologies, are thrown back on our essence: being kind to each other in our ephemeral moment on earth.

Bounced Back: Berlin

23. September 2015. Berlin, Germany.
Our theater journey has come to an end. On its website you can watch some photos and videos.
We are currently in Berlin, preparing for a winter in southern Portugal to finish some writing projects. We are looking forward to some more stability with our daughter Miru.

Mama Caravana

25 May 2015. Lisbon, Portugal.
Sometimes opportunities are right in front of our eyes. We are living in a vibrant Lisbon flat now for two months, and decided to jump in on the travel theatre project of our flatmate. We will journey from Lisbon to Prague in campervans and perform improvisational street theatre with three toddlers in many places along the way. It will be a great opportunity to learn and gain experience in this kind of interactive performance.

15 April. Lisbon, Portugal.
After interesting times in the countryside of Portugal, we have decided to move to Lisbon and work on our writing. Kamiel is improving his web site, beginning with his Dutch site,, and working on some paid projects too. Yeon is finishing her book about traveling with a baby and looking for new challenges. We have found a little place not far from the center of the city, a stone's throw away from the large Parque. If you've followed our adventures and stumble upon this page, you're more than welcome to visit us!

Searching again for land in Portugal

20 February. Meda de Mouros, Portugal.
After a wonderful journey through east and west Europe, in which we visited Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Venice, and Arles, we are now back in Portugal and continue our quest for a piece of property. Spring is beginning and the temperatures will rise soon, and we are in good spirits that we will find something this year. Meanwhile, we are trying to connect with like-minded people, and our Facebook group is doing pretty well.

Driving home for Christmas

10 December 2014. Molliets et Maa, France.
We have been living in Portugal for three months, made friends, explored the countryside - and almost found a piece of land suitable for our purposes. We decided to travel to the Netherlands for Christmas, and return to Portugal early next year.

Moving on: Serra da Estrela via Lisbon

5 August, 2014. Udenhout, Netherlands.
We have enjoyed our stay at the edge of a quiet national park in the south of the Low Countries - but (how often did we use this cliché?) it is time to move on. We will be in Lisbon next week, couchsurf, enjoy the city, and travel north to the Serra da Estrela region.

Preparing for Portugal

16. June 2014. Udenhout, Netherlands.
We are finally preparing to live in a little house, somewhere in the green hills of Serra da Estrela, central Portugal - for a while. It seems to us that this is the right moment to do it. We will work on our writing and see to it that Miru is surrounded by the magic of the southern European countryside. Feel free to contact us if you are in the region.