A trip to Pai, Thailand

15 November 2017. Seoul, South Korea.
We traveled to Northern Thailand for a vacation, to the valley of Pai that has turned into a tourist hotspot. It is frankly a beautiful place and you can still escape the hustle and bustle of the main tourist street. Its accessibility by bus (a 3 hour drive from Chiang Mai) makes it a great destination for families. So, why reporting on our family vacation on this site? We didn't visit ngo's on this trip, though we know there are some good initiatives protecting elephants, or permaculture farms. If you visit such places, feel free to write about it on, with a link to your blog. That way, everybody wins.

Summer vacation

13 July. Seoul, South Korea.
We are living in the Mangwon neighbourhood for more than 3 months now and apart from some health problems we are happy. Having accomplished more than 3 months in a place where we in principle have the legal possibility to remain as long as we like, makes us pause and think about the world's over 65 million of internationally and internally displaced persons. The migrant crisis in Europe sadly doesn't show signs of improvement, with thousands of people dying at sea in a desperate attempt to reach Europe, and many more anonymously und invisibly during their journey through the desert.

Meet the original Charity Travelers in Seoul

27 March 2017. Seoul, South Korea.
After a very long search we have writte occasionally about on this blog, we have finally found a home to live in. It is in Mangwon, an up-and-coming hip neighborhood of Seoul. Our daughter Miru goes to the kindergarden here, which she enjoys very much.

After so many years en route or in temporary arrangements, it feels almost surreal to decorate our own apartment. It's small and dark but that doesn't matter. It's a happy place.

Kamiel plans to take his writing to the next level and to publish on
Yeon is teaching English in a neighborhood school and continues working on a picture book.

We want to continue couchsurfing, through the old website, but more excitingly through the open source alternative You can find my profile (kamiel79) on these hospitality sites - I'm looking forward to hosting you, especially when you are a 'charity traveler' and like to do something similar on your journey as we did in 2009-2011.

Moving to South Korea

December 16, 2016. Seoul, South-Korea.
We have once again moved to South Korea. This time we hope to find a home that will be permanent enough to call it ours and develop the higher level of creativity we dream about.
As creatives - and I don't mean to use that term in an arrogant way - our contribution to the advancement of humankind would consist of making things our fellow beings regard as beautiful, which might instill them with a sense of purpose, and such fluff.
If, contrary to previous experience, our plans take root this time, we will be living in South Korea for years to come. Here, we will set up a base from which to launch our plans to take over the world, every night.

A fixed location will also allow us to be more responsive to inquiries regarding the concept of Charity Travel. We hope the idea will evolve further and inspire more people. As digital technology seems to grow exponentially, with abundant Internet and cell phone coverage in the global South, it becomes easier to make fruitful connections between global citizens where it matters.

MakeSense Berlin 2016

August 17, 2016. Berlin, Germany.
We, the founders of Charity Travel, are living in Berlin, in the neighbourhood Prenzlauer Berg, until September 11.
We hope you had a great summer. Some of what we did: Yeon worked on promoting her book.
In July, Kamiel visited the SenseCamp, an unconference for sustainability which had a special focus on the refugee crisis this year.

He found out about some brilliant initiatives that are going on in Berlin.

Berlin Summer

July 2, 2016. Berlin, Germany.
We have returned to Berlin at the end of May and will stay in this city for at least the month of July. We are looking for something meaningful to work on, where we can make a difference. Hiding within the current fast culture of commercial start-ups, there are wonderful collaborations and who knows we find one that is a good match for us. Perhaps we can even create a team for our tentative Latin America charitable travel project.
We wish all our followers a great second half of 2016 and let's continue our evolution toward a more equal world.

Internet Equality and Theater

27-4-2016. Seoul, South Korea.
April has almost ended so it's time for an update about the original charity travelers. We are living in Korea at the moment, both writing. Yeon is publishing her second book about traveling with young children. Kamiel also writes and his stuff is open source on

Tawi Initiative Western Kenya

I can personally vouch for this local sustainability initiative near Lake Victoria, in Western Kenya. Its founder, Dennis is a dear friend of mine. Such initiatives show that a lasting transformation to sustainable practices happens best when there is no interference by large foreign aid agencies, but is nurtured by and under the full responsibility of the stakeholders.

In solidarity against the horror

Nov 18. Utrecht/Lisbon, Netherlands/Portugal.
Charity Travel feels with the family and friends of all victims of the horrible attacks in Beirut and Paris and everywhere. We stand for global solidarity and are not afraid of Islamic fundamentalism, or in fact any other kind of fundamentalism. The outpour of solidarity in the wake of the Paris attacks stems us cautiously hopeful. We, all humans not poisoned by toxic ideologies, are thrown back on our essence: being kind to each other in our ephemeral moment on earth.

Bounced Back: Berlin

23. September 2015. Berlin, Germany.
Our theater journey has come to an end. On its website you can watch some photos and videos.
We are currently in Berlin, preparing for a winter in southern Portugal to finish some writing projects. We are looking forward to some more stability with our daughter Miru.