* When does Charity Travel take place?
- We travel between October 2009 and October 2010. But it will be around forever.

* Where does Charity Travel go?
- CT visits many charities around the world in Africa, Asia, Latin America. See the CT "
Itinerary" for details.

* Why does Charity Travel exist?
- Because we want to combine our wish to do something good with our urge to travel. We explain more on the page "
About us".

* How is Charity Travel funded?
- CT is financially independent but we are happy with any

* How does Charity Travel find charities?
- Primarily through reliable contacts on; also using other websites, through friends and random encounters with local organizations.

* Where can I find an official 'Mission Statement' in my language?
- Click on the flag associated with your language.

* Who is involved in Charity Travel?
- Kamiel and Yeon. And you!

* How can I support Charity Travel?
- We would gladly accept any kind of donation. But spreading the word would be most effective. We thank you in advance any kind of support you are willing to give us.

* I want to serve myself. Where do I start?
- You wish to serve? Consider serving a cup of tea. Jokes aside, Charity Traveling is about employing a pro-active mindset, breaking invisible bounderies and making new things possible through your volunteering. It all depends on how pro-active you choose to be. To get started, check out our frequently updated "JOIN"-page.

*I don't have a lot of money. Can I go charity travelling?
YES. You definitely can. There are a lot of exemplary budget travellers among our affiliates.
Check for tips on budget travelling or watch how Ludovic Hubler has hitchhiked around the world for inspiration. Most organizations understand that you are not a millionaire, and are often able to provide affordable accommodation - if you couldn't find a couch.

* Why just a blogspot website instead of a flashy professional one?
- This is the way we show that '
everybody' can do this, that we are normal travelers like you. However, if you wish to create a flashy one for us, go ahead. ^^

* Why should I trust this anyway?
- Look us up: We have few secrets. Google; Facebook; twitter; studivz; myspace; wordpress; hyves; allbigtrips; couchsurfing; hospitality club; flickr;... Trust us ;)!

* I have some money too. Are there any other alternatives than Charity Travel?

- The alternative is depicted on the right. It is your choice.

* Do I have to buy expensive flight tickets in order to do this?
- NO. There are many other ways to travel around economically. You can move by hitchhiking and local transportation and use only a fragment of the budget. And the journey gets much more spontaneous too.

* Do I have to use couchsurfing and stuff?
- NO. We did because of the amazing fact that there
are many socially engaged couchsurfers in every part of the world. But en route we found out that keeping your ears and eyes open can be enough to establish the right contacts. Beware of fake organizations though and only follow trustworthy recommendations.

* Where can I ask more questions?
- Send us an email to kamielverwer [at] or onlyhana [at] or leave us comments on 'Comments'. We appreciate every words of yours and are always welcome to talk to you.

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Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation said...

Dear Sir,
Greetings from Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation. is a very wonderful one for helping needy in the planet. In this connection I would like to ask a help or service from you that we are running an orphanage with 60 children both girls and boys between 6 to 13 years with running a small primary school from classes 1st to 5th. Don't misunderstand me to ask this, really it is very difficulty to us maintain this orphanage. Can you help or pay the way how to sustain this for longer periods and help us what facilities are available with you and what are the ways to utilize your services.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


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