PART I: Middle Eastern Peace Procession.
- Oct. 16. 2009: Flight Frankfurt - London
- Oct. 20. 2009: Flight London - Istanbul
° overland through Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, (Israel/Palestine), to Cairo

PART II: African Adventure and Humanitarian Aid.
- Nov. 30. 2009: Flight Cairo - Nairobi
- Jan. 28. 2010: Flight Nairobi - Johannesburg
- Feb. 28. 2010: Flight Johannesburg - Dubai

PART III: India, China, Southeast Asia. Inspiring Backpackers.
- Mar. 03. 2010: Flight Dubai - Mumbai
° overland through India. (Calcutta, Bangalore, New Delhi.)
- Mar. 31. 2010: Flight New Delhi - Hong Kong

- Apr. 09. 2010: Flight Hong Kong - Seoul
° overland through China, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia.
- Jul. 02. 2010: Flight Kuala Lumpur - Bali

PART IV: Aboriginal Culture and Ecology Down Under.
- Jul. 16. 2010: Flight Bali - Perth
- Jul. 20. 2010: Flight Perth - Brisbane
- Aug. 01. 2010: Flight Sydney - Auckland
- Aug. 16. 2010: Flight Auckland - Nadi

PART V: South America expedition.
- Aug. 21. 2010: Flight Nadi - Auckland - Santiago de Chile
- Sep. 28. 2010: Flight La Paz - Miami
- Oct. 01. 2010: Flight Miami - New York
- Oct. 06. 2010: Flight New York - London
° = overland connection


Anonymous said...

I would love to volunteer with you but I am not sure how I would find money for all these travels. How do you do it?

Unknown said...

I have the same interest and question about budget. (?)

Xinxi said...

I would like to join you anyway, how can I contact you?

Tenzing said...

Dear Travel Trade Friends

Greetings from Himalayan Horizon Travel !

This is to inform you that, I am organizing a Charitable Trip to Sikkim & Darjeeling together with the sacred and famous Mask Dance. This mask dance is very popular in Tibet, Bhutan,and Nepal

The charity will go to help fund the following:

01. Old age Home in Kalimpong
02. Local Harijan (untouchable people) School in Kalimpong
03. Tibetan Refugee School – where not only children of Tibetan origin but also children of poor local families also attend.

It will depend on you how you want to donate – in kind or money, we will personally meet with the children plus have Lunch or Dinner in Old age home.

This will help a lot in improving the lives of those poor people and help encourage the youngsters to be better persons in future if they can get education etc.

Thanking you and look forward to hearing from you.

With best regards

P.S. If you are a Travel Agent and want to join the Charitable Trip to promote this tour program, we can offer you 40% discount as a special case. You will not come across this kind of tour program as it is arranged only once a year and it is very special.

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