You can support Charity Travel by making a secure paypal donation by using the button below:

You can also use flattr to express your support with a (smaller) donation equally distributed between us and other "things" you like on the internet.

There are no restrictions to the amount of money you donate. You can give anonymously or have your name published on this page. If you want to donate using a normal bank transfer, you have to trust us. These are Kamiel's bank accounts;Netherlands
rekeningnummer 490865011; ABN Amro
t.n.v. Kamiel Verwer
Konto 5155361; Deutsche Bank 10070024

Each individual project will have an unique name, which you can mention to make sure your contribution goes to that specific project. we can provide a direct contact information to each individual charity as well.

Secondly, you would help us greatly by simply
spreading the word, helping us to inspire as many people as possible to get involved in this kind of independent charity traveling.
A few suggestions: discuss the concept on internet discussion boards and social networks like facebook and twitter; mention it when using couchsurfing, hospitality club, beWelcome and similar websites; tell your travel agency there is a market for this kind of thing; convince students or young professionals who take a gap year of the idea.

If you have a website, you could place a
link to Charity Travel. Copy and past the text in the box below into your own html-page to get the banner shown here.
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Another great thing you can do is to live the spirit of Charity Travel. Buy fair trade products and biological products that haven't traveled too far to get on your plate or platter. Get involved in community work, donate warm clothes to the poor, repair your old television set and donate the money for a new one to charity, keep on living energy efficient, talk to people that are lonely and inspire them to do something good.

Finally, your
critique could help us to improve this website and sharpen the idea of the project. Don't hesitate to leave comments in 'Comments' with your contact information so that we can get back to you. We are open for all kinds of suggestions concerning the idea, the realization, and writing style.


Kamiel Choi said...

The comment function does work. Perhaps it should be made more accessible?

Unknown said...

Dear Camiel,you'r a one of a got my support in these.wish you good luck.write something about your journeys.Tahsin Onur

Dan Harrison said...

Kamiel - you efforts and actions are truly inspirational. It would be a fine moment to cross paths with you one day. Great love and blessings to you sir :)

Mark_Lester said...

Kamiel, are you going to be in India durring Fenruary - March 2011 ?, if so please consider The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge

Anonymous said...


When will u arrive in Indonesia? Pls let me know. I have a relative that educates children, those who grow up on the street. Will try to give u contacts as much as as i can. mach's gut! .ray.

Erik said...

Hi Kamiel,

My name is Erik and I work for and You placed a comment on one of our blog posts. We'd love to share links with you. email me at to discuss further. thanks.

Ushindi Africa Children's Choir said...

Hi kamiel,
Am very happy about this work for charity and i represent a charity called Uganda Chaildren's Burden Centre in Uganda East Africa and we would like to be part of this actually alot more can be got on our site about the adventure on the adventure page.
We have also come up with ablog on our site and my contact is
Thank you hope to hear from you soon.

Unknown said...

Hi Kamiel n Yeon,
Great to meet you both here at Greenpeace India in Delhi.
Do share on your blog about spaces where people traveling to India can spend some time volunteering with Greenpeace here in India. And I will definitely post links to your blogs on websites and blogs that I have access to!
Usha Saxena
Public Engagement Campaigner (Delhi)
Greenpeace India

m said...

Seeing charity travel expand across the world, the web and into the media, and metamorphosize from an idea to a reality that is reaching communities worldwide and transforming lives has been truly inspirational. Youve inspired me to keep going with my own journey to do my part to spread meaningful change.
Seeing the staggering number of causes, organisations, blogs and networks youve discovered, connected and linked to, I feel were part of something much bigger: an awareness that is growing and spreading all over the world.
Keep shining, keep burning, keep expanding! And a better world is in the process of creation.


Anonymous said...

Hi.I am an artist working with waste and papier mache.I have been volunteering and teaching it for a long time. Would love to volunteer now for 1 year in India(especially in Rajasthan).Is there a site were volunteer place their info for an NGOs,org or groups to check it out and contact.
thanks zeevic

Anonymous said...

hi.I am a long time volunteer.Teaching Eco craft as an income generating.Is there a site where I can post my info in order for groups NGOs,individuals,can see it and contact me?

Unknown said...

I actually added your blog to my favorites list and look forward to get the same quality content every time I visit your blog. Thanks a lot.

Seats For A Cause

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