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You might want to know more about the personal background of the Charity Traveler. I was born on January 12th, 1979 in the Netherlands where I received my formal education until 2003. I was ready to 'conquer the world', like any other 24-year old, with the double Master-degree (computer science and philosophy) in my pocket when a personal tragedy struck our family and made me rethink who I was supposed to be. I wrote a dissertation on the German philosopher Hans Jonas in Berlin, the city where I was living at the time, but after five years I felt my calling was more praxis than theory. So I took my savings and started traveling around the world. It was during that trip, Bolivia in April 2009, that I decided to devote myself to charity. I began the preparations for my journey with great excitement, even worrying that the coin of happiness I suddenly tossed up might have a flip side when hitting the ground. But perhaps doing good can be a source of sustainable excitement;-

For the insatiably curious, you can find more about and by me on those websites:

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