Extremely Short and Cool Charity Story Competition with Real Prize

Charity Travel organize a Short Story Competition open for everybody to compete!

We are looking for the ultimate cool short charity travel story.

  • Maximum length of the story is 5 lines (80 words);
  • The stories may be entirely fictional, but don't need to be;
  • The competition is open for everybody and we encourage you to invite your friends as well;
  • You can only compete with one story;
  • The deadline of the competition is June 20th, 2010.
  • You can send your story by email to writing "CHARITY SHORTSTORY" in the subject line, or you can post it, along with your name, as a comment to this page.
  • If we receive less than twenty stories, the competition will be cancelled.
The Prize is 30 (thirty) USD, to be wired or send using those payment services that didn't pay enough to have their names mentioned here.

Hey, it will only take you five minutes to produce an ultrashort story, and it could earn you the fame of being mentioned on this very spot. 

Here are some examples of Extremely Short and Cool Charity Stories :

"After galloping our camels around the pyramids we visited an empoverished family in a nearby slum area and donated them silk and a sewing machine enabling them to generate some income"

"We were rafting down the river and stopped by this little Indian village where we ended up staying one month, building a community hospital together with a bearded idealist."
"It was not easy to reach this remote village in eastern Bolivia, and the alligators seemed to look curious when we arrived there to teach the locals how to brew a proper beer so that they would become self-sustainable."

"The other night our host had  shown us a fragment of a bombshell. It would take over 100 years to clear them here in Laos. We rented a strong 4x4 to visite the remotest areas and teach the locals how to deal with those UXOs."

We are sure you can do better...

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Bruno said...

I looked out of the window of the bus. He was waving at me, though the bus hadn’t even closed the doors yet. Saying goodbye is as fundamental a part of travelling as is meeting new people, but the intensity is so different it seems unfair. Leaving is so painful, sweet and sour. Sour cause it stings, and sweet because it means there were good moments shared, memories of our youth to be treasured, though many will fade until we’re old enough to remember again.

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