Presentation in Khabarovsk

Presentation in Khabarovsk

January 22th. Khabarovsk
For an interested audience of young shipbuilding students at a technical college, we hold our presentation of Charity Travel. We are glad to see that our story inspires, and can become a modest part of a student's motivation to learn foreign languages.

On a beautiful freezing January day in Khabarovsk, that large far eastern city at the Amur river, we give a presentation in the technical and shipbuilding college for a group of young students. Their foreign language teacher, whom - yes, once again - we met through couchsurfing, wishes her students more motivation. Our presentation during an English class is part of a bigger plan to encourage students to study their English and French more seriously.

Some students are more enthusiastic than others, but all listen to our story and many have some questions about certain parts of this world. We show them many of our projects and keep insisting they should learn English diligently since it would enable to do so much more in that wide open world after graduation. After the presentation, many students come to personally thannk us and ask for autographs and contact information. It is quite flattering, and gives us a sense of fulfilment. Maybe, for some students this was just another boring session designed to refrain them from their social lives, but for others it might have been a fascinating story, as they listened the rudiments of a dream might have formed in their minds. If some students remind this presentation as they sit at their English homework and smile we have succeeded.

For us, it was certainly a memorable experience and we are very grateful for the opportunity to present for these students.
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