Xoslu Vision

Xoslu Vision

16-23 November 2011. Dakar, Senegal.
Xoslu Vision is a spirited hip hop and artist collective spreading the mindset of positive thinking and self-reliance among the youths of the poorest part of greater Dakar. Xoslu's take their destiny into their own hands, and hip hop turns out to be the perfect tool to advocate this spirit.

Name:Xoslu Vision
Aim:"To sensitize local youth through art and hip hop, to promote the 'xoslu' vision of taking your life into your own hands."
Since:a few years
Participants:About a dozen rappers and artists
People Reached:hundreds of local youth
During his last week in Senegal, Kamiel visits the Guediawaye area of Dakar, an underdeveloped district about one hour by bus from the center. He feels very welcome as some of the "Xoslu" pick him up from the gas station and introduce him to the crew: Job sa Brain, Amadou Lamine Ba and the others. Kamiel found them, as usual, through couchsurfing, where Amadou had written an original message. The couch in this case is the naked concrete of a house Xoslu uses as a studio and hangout - and it is amazing. Together with some other foreigners as well as Senegalese, we have a great time in Guediawaye.

Xoslu Vision is preparing for festivals in and around Dakar, also inviting international artists and collaborating with a variety of different artists in 2012. They have done a campaign urging highschool students to write correctly in French, and will also sensitize and educate about issues like HIV, women's rights, and the environment.
He who works hard:
a Xoslu-man

Together, we work on a website/blog and exchange ideas about the concept of Xoslu. Also, Kamiel helps a little bit with work "over the Internet", as he does himself to earn his money. It is part of Charity Travel's mission to eradicate the so-called digital divide and make sure that people in Africa have the same access (realistically, not just in theory!) to online resources as people in the US and Europe do.

2012 promises to be a great year for Xoslu Vision. It is incredibly encouraging to see how well messages can be conveyed through music, and how well the local youth listen to  them. This has inspired us a lot to go on and stay in touch with Xoslu.

Enjoy the video!

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