Moving on: Serra da Estrela via Lisbon

5 August, 2014. Udenhout, Netherlands.
We have enjoyed our stay at the edge of a quiet national park in the south of the Low Countries - but (how often did we use this cliché?) it is time to move on. We will be in Lisbon next week, couchsurf, enjoy the city, and travel north to the Serra da Estrela region. We, the original cast of Charity Travel, might finally be actually living somewhere... You can imagine that we are looking forward to it - to every aspect of it. Taking care of a small piece of the surface of this still beautiful planet, thus feeling more attached to her, inviting guests to stay with us, thinking up creative solutions to all the many little problems we'll run into. What about our project to save the world? Well, once we live somewhere, we'll get to that. As a young family with a toddler you better make sure you're safe and secure yourselves, so that you can create something sustainable that benefits all. To everybody who is playing with the thought of making a similar journey: Do it! You'll get to know what the world feels like, and you'll be surprise how often you can contribute something invaluable. And everything you discover now will stay with you; your experiences will ferment and become the base of something wonderful.


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Wow, beautiful photos, and it sounds super relaxing! I’ll certainly add it to my list!

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