Internet Equality and Theater

27-4-2016. Seoul, South Korea.
April has almost ended so it's time for an update about the original charity travelers. We are living in Korea at the moment, both writing. Yeon is publishing her second book about traveling with young children. Kamiel also writes and his stuff is open source on

We will probably stay in or near Berlin this coming summer, but we can't wait to continue our Charity Travel together with our daughter, in South America. We will be connecting the dots once again as we visit local NGOs and share our knowledge. I think this particular aspect of our "travel for good" is most promising. Knowledge, the non-commodity of the information economy, is free and abundant, from trivial facts to full university curricula and from dictionaries to social network-powered language courses.

However, if you are growing up in a poor country and your teachers tell you that all knowledge costs money and learning means repeating what they say, it requires a brave and independent mind to discover the power of the Internet on his own. This is where we come in. We teach small communities how to Google-solve all their problems. Of course, that may be an oversimplification. But what I'm enthusiastic about is how radically equal everybody with a decent Internet connection becomes when they realize the power they have at their disposal.

We think theater can be a great way to get this message across. What do you think? Please leave your comments below this article.
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