Moving to South Korea

December 16, 2016. Seoul, South-Korea.
We have once again moved to South Korea. This time we hope to find a home that will be permanent enough to call it ours and develop the higher level of creativity we dream about.
As creatives - and I don't mean to use that term in an arrogant way - our contribution to the advancement of humankind would consist of making things our fellow beings regard as beautiful, which might instill them with a sense of purpose, and such fluff.
If, contrary to previous experience, our plans take root this time, we will be living in South Korea for years to come. Here, we will set up a base from which to launch our plans to take over the world, every night.

A fixed location will also allow us to be more responsive to inquiries regarding the concept of Charity Travel. We hope the idea will evolve further and inspire more people. As digital technology seems to grow exponentially, with abundant Internet and cell phone coverage in the global South, it becomes easier to make fruitful connections between global citizens where it matters.
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