26 October, 2018. Seoul, South Korea.
Yeon and I are both working as writers and living a rather minimalist life in South Korea. Recently, I learned about the plight of the elderly in this country, especially those who are not fortunate enough to have their children taking care of them.

People are collecting cardboard for as little as $2 per DAY, in an economy where that buys you one apple in a fancy store. It is horrifying and I wish I could... I am going to be more helpful the next time I encounter an elderly person picking up cardboard.

Such is the effect that I wanted Charity Travel to have, not only on myself but especially on our followers: That these things come naturally, because we have seen the world for what she is worth.

It will always be important that we remain active, politically and socially, in our own habitat.

But the world is in chaos. The suspicious packages addressed at Trump's opponents are a chilling low in American recent history, while in Brazil a gruesome figure is about to become president coming Sunday. Meanwhile, dictatorial regimes flourish and there seems to be no democratic power that can prevent the world from sliding into chaos.

Let us hope for the best.

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