ADAN Street Cat Shelter, RabatO

ADAN - Cat Shelter

September 2011. Rabat, Maroc.

A small stray cat shelter located in the center of Rabat takes care of the animals, gives them vaccinations and antibiotics, and accommodates them on several locations. We visit the shelter and help with painting the logo, repairing a website, and making a small documentary.

Name:Association de Défense des Animaux et de la Nature
Aim:"To provide care for stray cats in Rabat."

Our visit to ADAN in Rabat was beautiful. We took a small taxi in the morning, together with our friends Rachid and Marcos, and found the shelter on the second floor of a building. Little cats laid purring on chairs as a friendly woman welcomed us. We interviewed her, or actually our Moroccan friend did in Arabic, and we were watching and listening to the sound of her voice.

She had explained the needs - mainly cat food and medication - and the difficulties the shelter faces. There were a few dozen cats living on the roof, some of them missed a leg or an eye, others were sick. But they were well taken care of here.

Our feline friends in the shelter
We were able to make a modest contribution to the amazing work they are doing. We made sure the little organization appears on our site kindmankind, and Yeon painted the logo on their car. Kamiel helped out with their website.

We hope that they will encounter volunteers and veterinarians who have the resources to help them structurally.

The concept of Charity Travel is very much alive, and we encourage everyone who has the chance to take that little detour - or plan that grand tour - and engage. We'll always do that.


Anonymous said...

This brother and sister team are amazing individuals who have helped me to sterilize 4 of the stray cats around our Rabat holiday apartment .Please donate to them if you love animals as they spend every penny towards helping the street animals of Rabat including abandoned kittens.

Anonymous said...

Do you still have any contact information for them? I cant seem to find it on their website. Thanks!

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