Happy New Year 2024

02-02-2024. Den Bosch, Netherlands.
Here is to positivity in the new year.
24-5-2023. Den Bosch, Netherlands.
Time flies. We are still living in the Netherlands, sometimes hosting Couchsurfers and members of Servas. We are artists (writing, drawing, performing) and our daughter Miru visits elementary school here, where she is doing great. We are so proud of her!

Happy 2022

17 January 2022. Den Bosch, Netherlands.
We have been living in an apartment in the southern Dutch town of den Bosch for six months. Miru is happy going to school here, while we keep writing. We wish our readers an inspired new year 2022 full of beautiful friendships and global collaboration.

Children's book

6 April 2021. Udenhout, Netherlands.
We have spent the second part of the covid19-pandemic in the Netherlands with family. Miru and Kamiel wrote a book and are working on a second one!


27-10-2020. Tilburg, Netherlands.
We live in unique times. Your vote could mean the difference between democracy and autocracy, a livable planet and environmental desolation, prolonged culture wars and reconciliation, justice and hypocrisy.

Next Pandemic at my place?

15 April 2020. Ao Nang, Thailand.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are lucky enough to be stuck in southern Thailand, a well-known vacation paradise. Although travel plans have been nipped in the bud, we remain in good spirits and enjoy the privilege of working from our temporary home.

Climate change and the Amazon

July 26. Seoul, South Korea.
We are living a calm family life here in Seoul, South Korea. But the headlines begin to spin out of control. We are worried about the heatwaves in Northern Europe that are clearly extreme weather events caused by anthropogenic climate change, and the relentless pace of Amazon deforestation under Jair Bolsonaro.
26 October, 2018. Seoul, South Korea.
Yeon and I are both working as writers and living a rather minimalist life in South Korea. Recently, I learned about the plight of the elderly in this country, especially those who are not fortunate enough to have their children taking care of them.