15 April. Lisbon, Portugal.
After interesting times in the countryside of Portugal, we have decided to move to Lisbon and work on our writing. Kamiel is improving his web site, beginning with his Dutch site,, and working on some paid projects too. Yeon is finishing her book about traveling with a baby and looking for new challenges. We have found a little place not far from the center of the city, a stone's throw away from the large Parque. If you've followed our adventures and stumble upon this page, you're more than welcome to visit us!
We are not sure what we will do coming summer, but we do have some plans. All we know is that we need the warm sun to find inspiration for writing and making plans.
Miru is doing great and is a joy to watch when she dances in the room, tells her father to put on her shoes, or decorates the table with chalk (as we speak). Living with young energetic people, mostly students, is a wonderful experience, and we can feel a warm and eventful summer coming.

Meanwhile, Kamiel has corrected some technical issues on the website. We'd love it if you could contribute a 100% fresh and local initiative you visit, leave some feedback or recommend the site to your friends. Also, the Charity Travel facebook group and couchsurfing group is going strong.

Overlooking the city
Playing at the fountain
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