In solidarity against the horror

Nov 18. Utrecht/Lisbon, Netherlands/Portugal.
Charity Travel feels with the family and friends of all victims of the horrible attacks in Beirut and Paris and everywhere. We stand for global solidarity and are not afraid of Islamic fundamentalism, or in fact any other kind of fundamentalism. The outpour of solidarity in the wake of the Paris attacks stems us cautiously hopeful. We, all humans not poisoned by toxic ideologies, are thrown back on our essence: being kind to each other in our ephemeral moment on earth.

It has been a tough year for us, mostly because we were constantly looking for shelter. We hope it comes to a close soon. It has been awkward to be in the position of the needy ourselves.
We want to close this year in a hopeful mood. Our daughter Miru is happy and we can afford good health. We have plans for the coming winter. We want to write and create more.

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