West Africa Journey starts on August 1st.

West Africa Journey from August 1st.

July 22, 2011. Berlin
This year 2011 we have launched our new platform kindmankind, the web's largest open resource for independent volunteers and creative changemakers. We have built up our online fb-tw-li-yt "empire" and Yeon is finishing her book on Charity Travel (in Korean). The Schengen-zone now gently forces us to head South - a journey which we delightfully undertake and to which you are invited! We will work at the grassroots to inspire sustainability and kindness through theatre. The journey starts in Berlin on August 1st.

We are preparing for take-off.

We have sold some books and random items in a funny basement yardsale, making sure some philosophy students can read and a library in Belarus can expand their foreign language section.

We organize a couchsurfing bbq in Berlin this Sunday (which would also be our goodbye to the city) - and after that we have one more week to arrange whatever we have forgotten. As we have been on the road for years already, it's "half as wild" as they say here in Germany. Gear, insurance, vaccinations, visas, tickets - all sorted out.

We would like to welcome you back to this blog as we will continue writing here more frequently about our adventures, starting in North/West Africa, later probably going to East Africa (could we do something about the famine?) and flying out of Capetown to ??? Could you suggest us something? If you are just reading these lines and you know of a tiny-scale independent initiative that does Good, socially or ecologically, please let us know. We will try to go where we can make a positive impact.

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