Presentations in Seoul - The future

September 9. Seoul, South Korea
We've given some presentations about Charity Travel in an Arts Center in Seoul, for middle school children who spoke no English. In such cases it comes in handy that Yeon speaks Korean. The presentation was a nice distraction from our preparation for December...
Since we are expecting a daughter in December! To be exact, the due date is December 23th, only 2 days after the end of the world (or at least the Mayan calender) ;- We will move to the Korean countryside, probably near the town of Muju, where it is much quieter and the air much healthier. Apart from the coldest part of the winter, which we will spend in Seoul anyway during the lovely weeks before and after birth. We are not yet sure about a name, and yes, maybe you could suggest something. It should be international of course, easy to pronounce yet beautiful, and perhaps have an profound ancient meaning.

As we prepare, we both work hard to earn some "cushioning" for the baby, we are looking for a house, and trying to get a website started called "" all to facilitate a fruitful existence as independent professionals that would give us enough time for each other and our child.
We plan to live in Korea for about a year and a half. After that, we'd like to move to Europe or South America, but it still depends on "who wants us". We are investigating the bureaucratic (im)possibilities, which make us sad. So many useless restrictions. Wasn't the avoidance of unnecessary bureaucracy one of the motives for Charity Travel? In any case, we'll continue to tell our story here and on other websites.

Setting an example
As we have always done during Charity Travel: trying to set a positive example is an important part of our motivation. Of course we are just human and we are not asking people to become our followers. Rather, we ask you to try and live exemplary yourself. This probably means consuming less resources and recycling / reusing instead, but it goes beyond what I can conjure up here - it's up to you.

We'll be back
We'd love to give more presentations later on, to which we will add our current experience and, once our daughter is old to travel with us, new charitable adventures in different countries. And if you want to call your journey "Charity Travel", go ahead! We'll gladly give you some advice if you call us on skype.
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