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November 3. Muju, South-Korea.
We are living in the Korean countryside now, where we have a great time waiting for our daughter to be born in late December. We are both writing books: Yeon is working on a children's picture book and Kamiel continued an old novel. We're also learning about permaculture, which is part of our next chapter.

Hoppy the bunny - children's book by Yeon

Regarding charity travel, we are of course still running the site or (whichever name you like best) and are cooperating in some way with and You are still very welcome to create a profile and share the most vulnerable yet promising projects an initiatives there.

We also received some negative feedback about Rainbow Center Kenya and are investigating the matter. When the issue is solved, we'll write about it here. Keep in mind that these small initiatives do not yet have the 'capacity' on the ground, and it's very difficult for the locals to maintain them - but that is the very reason why they need help, and why our leverage as independent volunteers is potentially so great.

Guest posts
Apart from the platform, if you have a great independent volunteering story to tell, about those magic coincidences of running into a beautiful project idea while traveling and just making it happen; we are more than happy to publish it here. It could help you build an audience and get in touch with the right people.

Creative Choice
Our last name is Choi so we figured the domain suits us. We are moving most of our blogs there in the course of the next monthts. But no worries, this vintage charity travel blog will remain here as long as blogspot exists.
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