Happy New Year!

December 31. Seoul, South Korea.
On the verge of the new year, we would like to wish everybody a bright and hopeful future and a very good start of 2013. As for Charity Travel, we hope that more people will share, especially their knowledge, with those who need it most. And there is other news.
We are eagerly awaiting the birth of our daughter. It looks like she will enter this world in a few days time in early January. For Charity Travel this means that we won't be globetrotting the next six months - but we contribute in many different ways.

We will be happy as ever if you ask us for a place in the world where you can help out, and Kamiel has created the website of a volunteering agency, Amaidi ( They offer structure and trusted contacts to those who needed when they are volunteering abroad. For those who don't, there is of course, a site that Kamiel made in 2011 and that is still going strong. We hope this (or similar tools) will find their place in our exciting global community.

We would like to mention our collective duty to live environmentally responsibly. And please, this is more than an empty phrase. You see the picture of fireworks? Let's start the new year with restricting ourselves to virtual fireworks, limiting pollution. It doesn't matter how deeply you are concerned and involved - the human race is destroying the planet, and fast. Faster than the scientists had predicted: they are constantly updating their worst case scenarios. I want all of us to see through this insanity. As for Charity Travel, this means that one of the most charitable things we can do while traveling (apart from lowering our carbon footprint) is sharing the values we need to restore a healthy planet. These are not imperialistic values, so don't be afraid to spread them around.

We wish that many more will be sharing this basic consciousness. We need a critical mass of people feeling - not only knowing about - the need to a radical change in the way industrial society is doing things. We wish our followers and readers that they will be able to do this in the years to come. In that spirit, we wish everybody a glorious 2013!
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