Exciting news to start 2013

5 February. Seoul, South Korea.
This is the monthly update of the founders of Charity Travel. In this issue:
  1. We are happy parents now of our daughter Miru!
  2. is still working! The platform for independent volunteering that we set up in 2011, is still going strong. And it will remain in the ether in the foreseeable future, so keep sharing.
  3. We are planning to settle in the Spanish countryside! This seems to be the place to go if you want to live relatively independent of the "system".
  4. Kamiel is working as a Wordpress developer and can help you out with your charitable website!
1) On January 4th, Yeon and Kamiel became parents of a beautiful daughter, Miru. We are of course very happy and the baby is healthy and cute and behaves very well in all respects. We know how lucky she is to be born in  the "developed" world, where she (and her mother) has access to proper healthcare and a safe and warm environment during the first months of her visit to our still beautiful planet.

2) lists 736 initiatives and there are always a few people browsing the site. Please let us know how you like it, and if we could add some more functionality in the future, such as extending it into a social network. I plan to improve the site coming summer, after the release of Drupal 8 (the open source platform that powers our website).
If you like the concept of this website, please share it with all your traveling friends who are potential charity travelers! Thank you.

3) We are still living in South Korea, at about an hour south of Seoul. You might have read something about nuclear tests of the North - from where we stand that is more sensationalism of the global media than anything else. Here's a good place to live, and we are having a great time. However - we do plan to move, and our (probable) target is Spain. We want to buy a small rural house (casita, finca) there, hopefully in a nice village community with like minded people (if you are like minded and playing with the idea, feel very free to write to us!)

4) Kamiel is working as a freelance web designer ( focusing on Wordpress. If there is any charitable website to be developed or improved, please let him know - he's more than willing to help out.

That's all for now. Happy charity traveling.
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