Malaysia/Korea: The Road Ahead

June 6. Kuala Lumpur/Seoul, Malaysia/South Korea.
What are the initiators of CT doing? Tomorrow, Yeon will be giving a talk at a University in Seoul about Charity Travel, while Kamiel is in Malaysia to travel, meet old friends, make new ones, and get in touch with sustainable living initiatives in the region. They will reunite mid July in Germany.
Then the journey continues, this time it will be the quest for a place to call home for longer than a few months and more profoundly than a sublet contract. The idea of Charity Travel is still very much alive, and we see our facebook group growing. Feel free to join and invite your friends as well. It is great for us to see the idea thriving. Perhaps the idea came a bit ahead if her time? Will more travelers go independently to places where their skills are very helpful - and where they have the experience of a lifetime?

While Yeon talks about Charity Travel in Seoul, Kamiel is traveling since two weeks in South Asia. He has been to the Philippines and Singapore, where he befriended like-minded people. He is keeping an (irregular) travel blog at Early July, he'll be back in Europe, visiting a beautiful Earthship project in south Sweden before descending upon his native Netherlands, to attend a memorial service for his mother, who passed away ten years ago in a traffic accident.

In a way, they say their current endeavor to settle down in a sustainable way as a family in Southern Europe as a continuation of Charity Travel. Not only is such a lifestyle always a good example, and not only will other travelers always be welcome, it will also enable them to learn more, gain more skills, and prepare for a future journey. One of their ideas is to create a traveling puppet theatre that would help sensitizing youth in places on the planet where it matters most. What are your thoughts or suggestions on this?
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