Berlin before winter

August 17, 2013. Berlin, Germany.
We have decided to live in Berlin for a while, pending Yeon's EU residency card and our preparation for life in Spain and in harmony. We also need a break from traveling and a place we can call home. Meanwhile, our daughter Miru is seven months old and still a wonderful baby - we feel blessed every day to have her around.
We reunited on July 17th when Kamiel picked up Yeon and Miru from Frankfurt Flughafen, using a car that was kindly lent to us by new friends (ask and the universe will provide). After a week in the Eifel near Koblenz and Trier, we moved to Dresden, Berlin, Bremen, Utrecht, Groningen, and Berlin again. We were able to visit many friends and family members. If we have missed you this time, please accept our narrative: we really need to get this registration work done first.

But you can rest assured that we'll find a time and place in the near future - what was that about the universe again? And here is our current plan. We are going to live self-reliance, permaculture, ecological, sustainable, in harmony with nature (and ourselves), how to spell it out more precisely, we are going to live in a way that doesn't deplete natural "resources" but integrates our livelihood into the ecosystem whose guests we are. This is quite a challenge and we can't do it alone. That is why we need like-minded people. So, feel free to contact us or share this post if you know someone or somewhere to look. We are using this Permaculture couchsurfing group, ecovillage networks, google searches and Facebook. All meaningful affinities are welcome.

On a side note, we put together a one-page profile with a short description online: and I think such a thing isn't a bad idea - living in the Twitter era - to introduce yourself quickly and graphically (if any reader wants to have something similar, Kamiel can help out for free).
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