Autumn leaves. We stay in Berlin

2. October 2013. Berlin, Germany.
Yeon, Miru, and Kamiel are still in Berlin Kreuzberg. Anyone heading this way: welcome! Just drop us a line so we can plan your stay, as we tend to have many visitors through couchsurfing. The preparations for our transition village in Spain are going well. We are organizing through a Facebook Group. To those who are curious about this - don't hesitate to write us. We want to create a large group of a few hundred people, and then organically evolve into a dozen wonderful village groups. Here is a German documentary about the transition movement in Spain (from minute 15 in the video).
Meanwhile, Kamiel is working on several projects simultaneously. He is contributing to, a unique skill sharing platform that pays back, currently being rolled out in Berlin, he continues to work as social media manager for Amaidi ( And of course he is still blogging on, being Yeon is blogging using our motto "Love, Peace and Irony", mainly about our life as parents, and we are contacting publishers for the children's picture book (the one with the bunny).

Miru has discovered how to eat a peach all by herself. She likes to play with chestnuts, paper, branches, and chairs. With her nine months, she is the most adorable baby we can imagine. We are jumping up to the ceiling because of all the happiness.

Speaking of ceiling, we hope the issue with the US debt ceiling won't lead to new war and more exploitation of this planet. We read dreadful things about congress being hijacked and projects like the Keystone Pipeline being pushed through against the will of the people.

Anyway, this is not a political blog, I just wanted to mention it because the coming month promises to become interesting.
To those of you in the US, take care. I hope sanity will be restored soon on all levels.

 We wish everybody a happy and colorful October!
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