Happy Easter Everybody

20 April. Vila Flor, Portugal / Seoul, Korea
We are still looking for a place to live in Spain or Portugal. While Yeon is currently visiting her family in South Korea, Kamiel is hitch-hiking in Portugal after a short stay with a wonderfully excentring philosopher in Ledesma near Salamanca, enjoying walks through its magical surroundings. He will visit ecovillages and communities in Portugal, before traveling north to Paris to attend the conference Ouisharefest on May 5-7th.
It is really about time that we find a place to stay longer; it will gives us time to write and think about the future beyond next month's accommodation.
* We are still not sure about a sequel to Charity Travel, but if we decide to do it, it will involve a traveling theatre for sustainable development that we take to places where it makes sense, featuring Miru as an actress.
* Kamiel will explore the region of the Serra da Estrela in Portugal next, before moving on to Lisbon and perhaps the Algarve. He'll start hitch-hiking to Paris when the calendar says May.
* Late May, we'll reunite in Berlin, where Yeon will pick up her new residency card, before we continue to the Netherlands for a big Dutch family party.
* Our plans for the rest of the summer are not written in stone. We might obtain another car and continue our quest for a Place. We'd love to hear any suggestions from you - what do you think a crazy bunch like this family should do?
* We wish all our readers a happy Easter full of wonder, grace and good weather.
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