15. March, 2014, Madrid, Spain.
The founders of Charity Travel have been traveling in Spain for a bit more than a month now. We are searching for a place to live a sustainable life, devoting ourselves to permaculture, art, writing, and raising Miru. A couple of weeks ago, an incident reminded us of our privilege as citizens of rich nations. We were driving on a gorgeous countryside road in Cataluña, when our car stopped working, and started burning as soon as we got into safety.
All we could do was watch while our yellow car burned, tires and windows exploded in a surreal fireworks. Don't worry: we are safe. What it showed us is how remarkably easy it is for us to overcome such a backlash. Unlike many people in poor nations, we have savings, friends offering support and accommodation, and insurance to cover at least part of the cost.

This post goes out to our friends in other parts of the world, who don't enjoy said privileges, and who have experienced similar material losses, without the means of a quick recovery.

We are headed for the province around Granada, a region said to be very "alternative". Meanwhile, is still online, and I hope more people will start to understand the concept and share those tiny honest projects as Initiative on the site, allowing them to attract the help they need and build the kind of resiliance we experienced.
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