A trip to Pai, Thailand

15 November 2017. Seoul, South Korea.
We traveled to Northern Thailand for a vacation, to the valley of Pai that has turned into a tourist hotspot. It is frankly a beautiful place and you can still escape the hustle and bustle of the main tourist street. Its accessibility by bus (a 3 hour drive from Chiang Mai) makes it a great destination for families. So, why reporting on our family vacation on this site? We didn't visit ngo's on this trip, though we know there are some good initiatives protecting elephants, or permaculture farms. If you visit such places, feel free to write about it on, with a link to your blog. That way, everybody wins.

We had a great time visiting waterfalls and traveling around the Pai valley on a rented motorbike. The place makes your feel how easy life could be. If only... well, there are many foreigners who live here quite permanently, working over the Internet and renewing their visa (or paying their way out of residency troubles). Chiang Mai is of course a major digital nomad hub and we are considering moving to Thailand as well.

Below are some visuals:

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